Project Description

Travertine is a sedimentary rock, a form of limestone built up over time in mineral springs, especially hot springs, rivers and other subterranean water sources. It is formed by the precipitation of carbonate materials, laid down in layers of sediment with minerals and fossils and subject to intense pressure over millions of years.

Travertine is white in its pure form but, due to iron compounds or other organic impurities in the rock, it can be a variety of colours ranging from cream through tan and even rust tones. This variation is what gives travertine it’s wonderful natural look and makes it such a special stone.

Travertine in it’s natural state comes with pores or small holes where gasses were once trapped. These holes are usually filled in with resin or epoxy at the factory to create a uniform surface (known as filled travertine). If the stone is left in its natural form the pores and holes will remain exposed (known as unfilled travertine). It is worth noting that the factory resin filler in the filled travertine will never achieve the same shine as the natural stone and as such polished travertine can have a blotchy look. It is sometimes advisable to go for a honed finish to make this less noticeable. A finish somewhere in between can also be attained if preferred – contact the experts at MarbleCare for further advice. The most common problems we encounter with travertine are loss of shine, scratching, staining and etching, chipping, cracking and excessive lippage on badly laid floors, as well as problems caused by incorrect sealing and maintenance. Don’t worry, MarbleCare have solutions to deal with all these issues and more! Another problem, unique to filled travertine, results when the filler material in the travertine starts to deteriorate and lift, leaving holes in your floor which then accumulate dirt. Fortunately these holes can be refilled professionally. See our Crack Repair and Filling section for more details.

Travertine offers unparalleled beauty, permanence and uniqueness, and adds true value to any home. Other floor coverings may go in and out of fashion but a well laid and well maintained stone floor is timeless and adds to both the enjoyment of, and resale value of, any property. To protect your investment it is important that a professional company such as MarbleCare, specialising exclusively in travertine and other stone, maintains your floors periodically. Travertine cleaning, polishing and restoration are highly skilled procedures and should not be confused with mere “floor cleaning”. Inexperienced individuals, such as tilers, carpet cleaners, wood floor refinishers, and others who don’t specialise exclusively in maintenance of travertine and other stone, can inadvertently ruin a beautiful floor and involve the owner in further expense for professional repair.MarbleCare provides a complete range of services and solutions to keep your travertine looking like new and protect your investment, as well as providing every customer with an exclusive MarbleCare Easy-Aftercare Program custom-tailored to your individual floor type.

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