Project Description

Terracotta literally means “baked earth”. Terracotta tiles are manufactured from kiln-fired raw clay, and are normally left unglazed. The colours range from natural earthtones such as grey and brownish-yellow to various shades of red. The common reddish-brown colour is due to the presence of iron oxides in the clay and gives the tiles their warm and welcoming appearance.

Terracotta is so naturally porous it needs to be properly sealed, preferably using a high quality wax or an acrylic sealer. If done incorrectly this can ruin a floor and should ideally be carried out by a trained professional such as MarbleCare.

Terracotta can give problems too though, mostly arising from the fact that the sealer has been incorrectly applied, the wrong type of (or a low quality) sealer has been used, or the sealer has been applied while the floor is still not dry, causing unsightly white blotching or efflorescence. Sometimes the existing sealer may simply be old and dirty and needs to be stripped and reapplied. Whatever the issue, MarbleCare have the knowhow and experience to identify your problem and rectify it promptly and professionally. See our Stripping and Sealing section for more details.

Terracotta restoration and sealing is a highly skilled procedure and should not be confused with mere “cleaning”. Inexperienced individuals, such as tilers, carpet cleaners, wood floor refinishers, and others who don’t specialise exclusively in maintenance of terracotta and stone, can inadvertently ruin a beautiful floor and involve the owner in further expense for professional repair. MarbleCare provides a complete range of services and solutions to keep your terracotta floor looking like new and protect your investment, as well as providing every customer with an exclusive MarbleCare Easy-Aftercare Program custom-tailored to your individual needs.

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