Project Description

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock derived from clays and shale which have undergone low-grade metamorphism. It can be split easily into thin sheets and has a naturally rough and uneven appearance, though some milled or smooth products are available. The appearance of slate varies greatly according to the various mineral clays and quartz, mica and calcite present and the degree of metamorphism, though the slate sold in Ireland is usually blue-grey with a silvery quality.

Slate is easier to care for than other types of natural stone tiles, since it is denser and darker in colour, and thus less porous and less inclined to show up stains. Slate tends to show better with a high gloss sealer, but  this same sealing process can cause major problems if done incorrectly.

Slate can give problems too though, mostly arising from incorrect application of sealer, by using a low grade sealer or sealing a still drying floor, which can cause the appearance of large white stains, or efflorescence, on the slate. All sealers have a lifespan and slate floors can begin to look old and shabby with use, at which stage it is time to have the floor professionally stripped and resealed. When not sealed by an experienced professional, sealer is often over-applied, resulting in an artificial, “over-sealed” look. Slate can also give problems with flaking or “spalling”. Whatever the issue, MarbleCare have the knowhow and experience to identify your problem and rectify it promptly and professionally. See our Stripping and Sealing section for more details.

Slate restoration and sealing is a highly skilled procedure and should not be confused with mere “cleaning”. Inexperienced individuals, such as tilers, carpet cleaners, wood floor refinishers, and others who don’t specialise exclusively in maintenance of slate and stone, can inadvertently ruin a beautiful floor and involve the owner in further expense for professional repair. MarbleCare provides a complete range of services and solutions to keep your slate floor looking like new and protect your investment, as well as providing every customer with an exclusive MarbleCare Easy-Aftercare Program custom-tailored to your individual needs.

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