Project Description

Others – In addition to our expertise in restoration of marble and natural stone flooring, the MarbleCare team also have extensive experience in the restoration and cleaning of the following manmade floor types:

Quarry Tile and Mosaics were the popular flooring choice for many years in Ireland and one we encounter quite often on restoration projects, especially in churches and older buildings. We find them a lot in Georgian and, more commonly, Victorian era homes in Dublin. They are manafactured by kiln firing quarry clay and shale at extremely high heats and as such are generally quite hardwearing and durable.  

Quarry tiles and mosaics can become dull, dirty, worn and scratched with time. The most common problems we encounter with them are loss of shine, scratching, staining, chipping, cracking and excessive lippage on badly laid floors, as well as problems caused by incorrect sealing and maintenance. Don’t worry, MarbleCare have solutions to deal with all of these problems and more. Contact us for more information.

Marmoleum and Amtico – Although Marmoleum is a type of linoleum, made from linseed oil and other natural materials, and Amtico is a form of vinyl, which is made from plastic resin, both share similar characteristics when installed. Marmoleum generally comes in large sheets which are then heat welded together and Amtico usually comes in smaller “tiles”. Commonly used in commercial applications and made to withstand heavy wear and foot traffic, this type of flooring nevertheless needs to be professionally stripped and resealed periodically. If badly scratched and damaged it can respond well to a gentler version of the sanding and polishing system that MarbleCare use on natural stone flooring.  The biggest problem we encounter with these floor types is loss of shine, dullness and scratching caused by wear and incorrect maintenance. Don’t worry, at MarbleCare we have the experience and equipment to deal with all of these problems and more. Contact us for more information.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile are both manmade materials, although they can be produced to closely resemble natural stone. While we can’t actually sand the surfaces of these types of tile the way we can with a natural stone tile, we can still get great results cleaning them with a gentle version of our standard systems. We also get great results at cleaning dirty grout joints, and with some types of tile it is even possible to change the colour of the grout using an epoxy resin system. Contact us for more information.

A well maintained Quarry Tile, Marmoleum, Amtico or Porcelain floor adds to both the enjoyment of, and resale value of, any property. To protect your investment it is important that a professional company such as MarbleCare, specialising in this type of flooring, maintains your floors periodically. Floor restoration and polishing is a highly skilled procedure and should not be confused with mere “cleaning”. Inexperienced individuals, such as tilers, carpet cleaners, wood floor refinishers, and others who don’t specialise in maintenance of these floor types, can inadvertently ruin a beautiful floor and involve the owner in further expense for professional repair. MarbleCare provides a complete range of services and solutions to keep your floors looking like new and protect your investment, as well as providing every customer with an exclusive MarbleCare Easy-Aftercare Program custom-tailored to your individual floor type.

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