Project Description

Granite is an igneous rock, the oldest form of rock, formed by the slow cooling and crystallisation of magma beneath the Earth’s surface. Granite is formed mostly of feldspar, quartz, mica and other trace minerals; the different proportions in which these occur give each granite its own distinctive colour and texture.

Granite is traditionally used for kitchen and other countertops, being one of the hardest substances on earth, and is increasingly being chosen as a flooring material. Granite is relatively low maintenance because of its resilience but, like all natural stone, can still give trouble if not looked after correctly.

Granite is generally only available in a highly polished finish, which can become dull, worn and scratched with time.The most common problems we encounter with granite are minor scratching, loss of shine, staining, especially on countertops (oil is often a culprit), and excessive lippage on badly laid floors, as well as problems caused by incorrect sealing and maintenance. Don’t worry, MarbleCare have solutions to deal with all of these problems and more! See our Cleaning and Restoration section for more details.

Granite offers unparalleled beauty, permanence and uniqueness, and adds true value to any home. Other floor coverings may go in and out of fashion but a well laid and well maintained stone floor is timeless and adds to both the enjoyment of, and resale value of, any property, as does a custom granite countertop. To protect your investment it is important that a professional company such as MarbleCare, specialising exclusively in granite and stone, maintains your floors and countertops periodically. Granite restoration and polishing is a highly skilled procedure and should not be confused with mere “cleaning”. Inexperienced individuals, such as tilers, carpet cleaners, wood floor refinishers, and others who don’t specialise exclusively in maintenance of granite and other stone, can inadvertently ruin a beautiful floor or countertop and involve the owner in further expense for professional repair.MarbleCare provides a complete range of services and solutions to keep your granite looking like new and protect your investment, as well as providing every customer with an exclusive MarbleCare Easy-Aftercare Program custom-tailored to your individual stone type.

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