We generally ask our customers to leave the floor area to be restored as empty as possible, but the MarbleCare crew will be happy to move tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs and other heavy items for you when we arrive. We suggest you empty any sideboards or cupboards that you’d like moved and perhaps move personal effects such as photos, vases and statues from tabletops. Extremely heavy items, or delicate items such as pianos, generally don’t get moved (for obvious reasons); we do however work by hand in around them, both to protect them and to ensure as consistent a finish as possible.

Long curtains don’t need to be removed, they can usually be tied up, and wall-hung photos and paintings can stay exactly where they are; our dust-free process won’t affect them in the least and we will take the utmost care of, and have the utmost respect for, all your personal property.

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