You spent a fortune on your marble or natural stone floor. It wasn’t cheap and, as you’ve found out, it takes a little more work to maintain than tile, wood or carpet; but you had the good taste and common sense to make the investment in the first place, so why risk having it ruined by an untrained individual (such as a wood floor sander or carpet cleaner) who doesn’t have the correct equipment or materials, or the necessary experience, to do the job correctly. Diamonds (even industrial ones) are extremely expensive, as are the other materials and specialised equipment needed to correctly clean, polish and restore a marble or natural stone floor, and skilled marble specialists are few and far between. You should NEVER let anybody near your floors that doesn’t specialise exclusively in marble and natural stone, no matter how well-meaning they may be, IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.

The ONLY way to offer discounted marble cleaning, polishing or restoration is to use unskilled (hence cheap) labour, cut-price materials and cheap equipment – you might get away with this when sanding wooden floors or cleaning lino, but you can literally DESTROY a marble floor. Then you’re really in trouble – not only will you have to hire a specialist like MarbleCare Ltd. to restore your floors anyway, you also end up having to pay extra to repair the damage done by the other, “cheaper”, company. Even if they don’t ruin your floor you’ll generally only get a half decent job, the equivalent of giving your house a quick lick of budget paint – the problem will be back again in a couple of months, and you’ll be out of pocket.

No offense to “cowboys”, but hiring one to clean, polish or restore your marble on the cheap will ALWAYS COST YOU MORE MONEY in the end.

MarbleCare Ltd. specialise EXCLUSIVELY in cleaning, polishing, sealing, repair and restoration of marble and natural stone floors. We have decades of experience and thousands of Happy Customers nationwide who love what we’ve done for their floors, and have a range of solutions to fit all budgets.

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